‘Twilight’s’ Nikki Reed & ‘American Idol’s’ Paul McDonald: Are they engaged?

Twitter.com – Follow Us! Facebook.com – Click LIke! Is Twilight beauty Nikki Reed planning to walk down the aisle and marry her American Idol beau soon? ClevverTV has the full story up next.Hey guys, I’m Dana Ward for ClevverTV with scoop on Nikki Reed’s possible engagement. The gorgeous actress, known for her role as Rosalie in the Twilight Saga, began dating American Idol cutie Paul McDonald recently. And now it seems as though happy couple could be ready to take that next big step. The duo appeared together at last night’s MTV Movie Awards, where Nikki was wearing a bit of bling on her wedding ring finger. When E! asked Nikki about a possible wedding, all she would say is “He’s the one! He’s the one!” An anonymous outside source confirmed to E! that the pair is engaged. So if that’s the case our congrats go out to them both! What do you guys think of this romantic Twilight meets American Idol pair? Let us know right here and make sure to follow @ClevverTV on twitter for updates you’ll only get with us! I’m Joslyn Davis, thanks for watching!MTV Movie Awards Highlights The MTV Movie Awards were full of OMG moments, and ClevverTV is recapping the big night right now.
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25 Responses to ‘Twilight’s’ Nikki Reed & ‘American Idol’s’ Paul McDonald: Are they engaged?

  1. teddybear4422 says:

    i met paul

  2. amazingxish says:

    @MissFinn93 AGREED! i give them a year and a half

  3. afuchsiaelephant961 says:

    I’m really happy for Nikki. I hope they last!

  4. abc1235199 says:

    I love paul i am actully going 2 c him in concert friday

  5. 24MissBehave says:

    Nikki is such a sweetheart. This Paul better treat her right, or else.

  6. paullover81 says:

    Back off my man Nikki! he is soooooo amazing and joyful i just want to close my my eyes and d=DREAM about him

  7. MissFinn93 says:

    it won’t be happy if they just end up divorced…. I’m mean seriously, she’s known the guy for 3 months and is ready to spend the rest of her life with him?? Divorce is inevitable

  8. joejonasissocutexxxx says:

    nikki is sooo beautiful and deserves a happy ending

  9. Mageeelovesfrank says:

    HUH … They’ve known each other for like what ? 3 months ? And they are ENGAGED ? That’s … Quick ?

  10. likeitornot889 says:

    I’m so mad! I was gonna marry him…. :p

  11. MirandaH96 says:

    @CressidaTussaud I know he’s such a good showman!! :D

  12. redrosey7865 says:

    they look perfect together!!!!

  13. hollywoodshopaholic says:

    @CressidaTussaud me too i love him!

  14. CressidaTussaud says:

    they’re getting married *sqeek* he is like the hottest guy on idol, every time i see him i just melt and have a huge smile on me face

  15. JudgeJing says:

    lol is it me or does nikki look fat in those pics?

  16. nanitar says:

    @laddygaga130 I agree with you BUT I WANT KELLAN FOR ME :( Lol…

  17. laddygaga130 says:

    i still think she should be with kellan lutz does any one agree with me lol

  18. sumsumxx11 says:

    @MirandaH96 true

  19. MirandaH96 says:

    @sumsumxx11 because they’re only around famous people and other famous people know what their going through

  20. Music4Ever878 says:

    Yay yay yay yay! :D

  21. kaylalovesdance11 says:

    I think she should do whatever makes her happiest, they are two great people and I think they are cute together

  22. MaryBieber7 says:

    I totally remember when they went to a premiere I think it was the top 13 of Little Red Riding Hood and she told him that she loves him on the show and he was like, “I don’t know her, but I want to hang out with her” Remember that? I didn’t know that they will date. Cograts for them:))

  23. 13TaylorSwiftLover13 says:

    Seems like it is pretty fast, but sometimes you know who you’re meant to be with so why wait?

  24. NLTlovr14 says:

    Well at least the baby would be able to sing :)

  25. AndreaReneeD says:

    lucky man.. … but way too quick..

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